Blendtec Q Series Blenders – A Review

Blendtec Q-Series BlenderWith the development of the Blendtec Q-Series blenders sound reduction technology, Blendtec blenders continue to deliver the same industry leading performance, at a reduction of 10 decibels, nearly half of the audible sound associated with the normal blender operations.

Blendtec Q-Series Blender Specs

Blendtec Q-Series blenders are available in 13, 15, and even a whopping 20 amp versions and are made with the same quality materials and reliable craftsmanship that the Blendtec brand is known for.

All Blendtec blenders are made with 100% solid-state electronics and a direct-drive motor, each tested to ensure their durability and reliability. The versatility of the Q-series even allows for your blender to be used in-counter or on countertop with just the addition of the Blendtec mounted base, included with blender.

Unlike other models, however, the Blendtec Q-series delivers a powerful computer controlled blender motor that incorporates sound reducing fan technology, along with a sleek new sound enclosure, a sound dampening motor base, a vibration dampening motor gasket, and jar that incorporates sound reduction technology. The combination of these elements adds up to an impressive reduction of up to ten decibels in sound, eliminating nearly half of the sound associated with blender operations.

Each Q-Series blender comes with two 64 oz jars, both with their own custom-fitted 3” stainless steel blade capable of spinning at upwards of 20,000 rotations per minute. Blendtec’s machines come with the new Advanced Blending Control, which delivers one-touch blending. Just press the button of your desired pre-programmed blending cycle and close the lid: the blender completes the cycle automatically. Lift the lid and the blender stops, preventing injury and misuse.

But what exactly are these one-touch pre-programmed blend cycles? The Q-Series blenders each come with 30 pre-programmed blending cycles designed for a specific kind of blending: smoothies, milkshakes, soups, etc. When the blending cycle is selected, the Q-Series blender automatically speeds up and slows down as needed to achieve the right blending consistency. The uses for different blending cycles are all explained in the manual and recipe book included with the blender and are easy to select on the blue LCD screen of the Q-Series blender. Not only does the LCD screen allow you to control your blending options, but it also lists helpful diagnostics like cycle counts and burnout warnings to ensure that your machine continues to run smoothly.

The Blendtec Q-Series Blender Warranty

The 13 and 15 amp models of the Q-Series blenders come with 2 year/15,000 cycle unconditional manufacturer warranties, while the 20 amp model boasts an impressive 3 Years/20,000 Cycles warranty.

No matter what your blending style, if you need a quiet, easy-to-use blender sure to deliver consistently amazing food to your family or business, the Blendtec Q-series is for you!

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